COVID 19 Gathering Updates


Related to Religous Activities

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From 12:01 am Thursday 12th August 2021
Level 2: Low restrictions

  • 3 persons per 4 square metres (75% capacity) for most seated public activities
  • No communal consumption facilities (eg buffet)
  • Restrictions on dancing and singing
    If singing is essential to your practice of worship or faith based service, this is permitted, but masks must be worn at all times. To ensure masks remain effective and protect you, you should change your mask as soon as it becomes damp and also after you have finished singing. Make sure you bring spare masks, a bag to keep used masks in, and hand sanitiser to use before and after putting on or taking off a mask.
  • Seated food and beverage consumption only
  • Private activity cap: 10 (including residents of residential premises)
  • Private activity cap: 50 (only for weddings and funerals outside residential premises)
  • 1/4 density (1 person per 4 square metres) for indoor fitness facilities and other enclosed public places at which a sporting event or sports or fitness training is being held

Masks (Covering Nose and Mouth)

  • High risk settings
  • Shared indoor public places (including worship & community spaces)
  • Personal care services
  • Health care services
    – Passenger transport services
  • Indoor fitness facilities (except while exercising)
  • Outdoor sporting events for spectators

    Please check denominational Head Office Expectations.