COVID 19 Gathering Updates


Related to Religous Activities

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The South Australian Premier, Police Commissioner, and Chief Medical Health Officer have announced new regulations as of November 23rd 2021.
What does that mean for our Churches?
Leaders of Christian Churches SA have been advised that the current restrictions we use in our Churches and Church Communities, will remain as they are, possibly into early 2022. 


Level 1 Restrictions remain in place
  • Masks (covering the mouth and nose) are required to be worn in worship services and all High-Risk settings
  • Masks to be worn in shared indoor public places
  • 3 people per 4 square meters (for seated activities)
  • 1 person per 2 square meters (for non-seated activities)
  • Private activity cap: 150 (private activities at non-residential premises)
  • Communion/Eucharist to be served as per your Churches regulations
  • No communal consumption 
  • Seated food and beverage consumption only for indoor defined public activities
  • Singing is permitted indoors with a mask. It is highly recommended that after singing, you replace your mask with a fresh one.
  • Performance singing is permitted, with appropriate physical distancing, masks to be worn between performances
  • Please follow the directions of your Church regarding missional activities such as Op-Shops, Community cafes, and support services.
Please see the latest COVID-READY plan below.

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