COVID 19 Gathering Updates

Link to the updated activities and gatherings from SA GOV:

Tuesday 30th March: Bishop David Altus spoke to Sonya Feldhoff on ABD Radio Adealide about the COVID 19 restrictions in Churches and what to expect during the Easter season. —>

Public Activities Current Direction Details 
Effective from March 31st 12:01am
Emergency Management Information PDF

Summary by Rev Anne Hewitt after conversation with Leaders of Christian Churches in SA.
29th March 2021
These simple guidelines may assist communities.

  • 1.5m physical distancing where possible – easing to new restrictions
  • Restrictions eased from 1person/2sqm to 3people/4sqm.
  • Capacity/density: assessed by ‘publicly available space’ at 3p/4sqm
    • 75% capacity – masks optional
    • 100% capacity – masks required
    • Large worship centres can have above 300 people as long as they comply with 3/4sqm
  • Fixed seating
    • Pews – seating 3/4sqm
    • Chairs – set seating positions spaced closer than previously at 3/4sqm
    • Some churches are still using booking ‘in room’ seats for larger services (eg Easter Day)
  • Masks (as above)
    • optional in 75% capacity but required in larger group events/gatherings – eg cinema, concerts.
    • If seated closer at 100% with larger numbers, masks are required
  • Hospitality – remains the same
    • no buffet style or shared utensils or urns permitted
    • Served beverages
    • Individualised food serves
    • High temperature hygienic wash
  • Communion – distribution through service, ie. Priest, minister, pastor, server, with sanitized hands
    • Individual wafers
    • Individual cups, disposable or glass put through commercial dishwasher
  • Singing, crucial part of worship through sung litany, responses and/or songs/hymns
    • 100% density – masks required
    • 75% density – preferred or optional mask wearing
    • Still considered a high risk of transmission. Low risk in SA currently
    • Masks considered a key inhibiter to transmission
    • Australian or Adelaide Choral Network have developed guidelines with National Public Health Officers. Good to check these guidelines
  • Vaccinations – once communities are vaccinated, there will a transition time to greater easing of restrictions
    • Encourage community members to be vaccinated