COVID 19 Gathering Updates


Related to Religous Activities

Please see below a compilation relevant to churches and our communities from the latest Press Conference.

For your Information – Latest SA Government COVIDSAFE restrictions from the SA Govt Press Conference today relevant to Churches, Church Communities and regarding Church Activities:

  1. SA Lockdown ending at midnight tonight. 
  2. Indoor public places – Mask wearing mandatory.
    Including offices, particularly open plan spaces, places of worship, and essential small groups.
    Masks to be worn AS WELL as 1person/4sqm. Medical exemptions apply if required 
  1. 25% capacity – 1person/4 sqm rule in all indoor places
  2. Presenter is able to remove mask while presenting, if appropriately distanced.
  3. No singing for congregation or choirs. 
  4. Performer only if they are appropriately distanced. (min 4 metres away from another due to aerobe projection as per previous restrictions)
  5. Regarding Sport – Training can resume from midnight tonight. Competition is not permitted for this weekend
  6. SA State Government COVID cash grants available now through application process

These restrictions are in place for the following seven days. Mask wearing indoors is likely to extend as it is known as a frontline defence.

Prayers continue for those who are in quarantine here in our state. 

Thank you for all that you do to bring warming presence and life to our community.

May you also find some moments of peace and rest.