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Ancient Wisdom for New Days

Revelation 1: 4a

Grace and peace be yours from God, who is, who was, and who is to come,

2 Samuel 23: 1-6
David son of Jesse was the man whom God made great, whom the God of Jacob chose to be king, and who was the composer of beautiful songs for Israel. These are David’s last words:
          The spirit of the LORD speaks through me; his message is on my lips.
          The God of Israel has spoken; the protector of Israel said to me:
          “The king who rules with justice, who rules in obedience to God,
          is like the sun shining on a cloudless dawn, the sun that makes the grass sparkle after rain.”

          And that is how God will bless my descendants because he has made an eternal covenant with me,
          an agreement that will not be broken, a promise that will not be changed.
          That is all I desire; that will be my victory, and God will surely bring it about.

Revelation 1: 8 

“I am the first and the last,” says the Lord God Almighty, who is, who was, and who is to come.

The end of the Church Year in the RCL draws us to a time of reviewing the year that was, and anticipating what may yet to be, in both our Church and personal life. The image of the gradual encroaching flooding waters in Forbes NSW reminds me of all that flows through our days, while our focus is elsewhere. We are aware of the rising ‘waters’; and yet, are still overcome on finding ourselves in the midst of the flood that takes us in directions we did not anticipate. Many have begun the year with clear direction, only to find we have traveled off-course. These days that rock the boats in which we sail – personal, family and friends, work/volunteering, wellbeing – occur regularly and will always do so. There is no fault or failure. I name them as ‘isms’. Sometimes, it just ‘is’.
Ancient Wisdom, ‘who is, who was, and who is to come’ speaks to us in these moments. In the breath of the Spirit and the Deep Silence of the Living Creation. Our God travels alongside us now, AND has already traveled these waves AND travels them before we are even aware they exist.
          God ‘is’.
          When overwhelmed, God is.
          While grieving, God is.
          When uncertain, God is.
God’s calling, Jesus’ teaching, with the Wisdom of the Spirit, is about living now, learning from the past and looking forward in hope. We live, then, like “the sun shining on a cloudless dawn, the sun that makes the grass sparkle after rain” when we listen to Ancient Wisdom for New Days.
As we review the year that was and enter the year to come, let us ask ourselves:
          Where have I enabled sparkling this last year?
          Whom am I encouraging to sparkle?
          How will I refresh life so all creation sparkles in the days to come?
Let us also ask these questions as Church communities, whilst entering Advent, so we greet God who goes before us, restored, refreshed and revitalised, living as God’s people in the Way of Jesus, with Wisdom warming our hearts of Love.
Revelation 1: 8
 “I am the first and the last,” says the Lord God Almighty, who is, who was, and who is to come.

Prayer – 
An Advent Invocation

Sparkling One,
You shine as the brightest sun, across all darkness,
through every element of life
at every moment.
We are drawn to your spark of life
and see the path on which you shine.
Your Ancient Wisdom flows through the new days ahead.
s0, we wake with anticipation that we shall meet you on the way.
Come to us, God of Light.
Ancient Wisdom, guide us.
Shine through us,
so that we, through you,
enable all your creation to sparkle
with justice, peace, love, and joy.
Shine in our hearts, we pray!

© Rev Anne Hewitt 17/11/2021
This reflection & prayer may be shared as long as the original writer is credited.

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